I was able to stop a lawsuit completely because I used Mark’s Lawsuit Proofing strategy. They walked away and took the insurance money as payment. It would have gotten ugly otherwise.

~Crystal Hodges


Protect and Empower your Generational Wealth

No matter how much money you earn, if someone can take it from you or if the IRS can tax it from your kin, you’re fighting a losing battle. for the last 17 years, Mark has specialized in helping individuals and corporations create corporate structures which assist in:

  • the lessening of tax burdens
  • asset protection
  • handing down assets without tax or government interference
  • lawsuit proofing businesses
  • trading personal assets under corporate capital gains taxes
  • maximizing funding opportunities
  • creating corporate credit
  • understanding and implementing the Internal Revenue Code in your business
  • Staying compliant
  • Moving assets off-shore legally and profitably

Details of the Program

There are several programs to suit nearly every incorporation requirement. Opportunities are created by Mark and the team in a customized manner depending on the situation. Scheduling a free consultation with Mark help determine if your situation is the right fit for our opportunities. 

If so, we will schedule multiple zoom meetings with you and your partners and suggest a strong corporate structure with which to generate. We will guide you through every step of the process including the generation of customized bylaws, minutes, certificates of share and organization. We will also painstakingly assist you in understanding how to remain compliant. Finally, we should you how to understand and even file your OWN taxes if you wish. 

Steps of the Program:

  1. In the first 1-on-1 session via zoom we will review any current structures you may have and partner with you in choosing to keep, kill or incorporate those structures into the new structures designed by the program based on your corporate needs. We set up your fundamental structures in the State of your choice, and depending on that State you could have your structure up and running within 24 hrs. This first session also sets up who will be members and managers of the structures and organizes existing structure issues so that subsequent sessions incorporate the preexisting companies seamlessly into the new structure. These “sessions” are not limited to a specific number, and we will create as many sessions as necessary in order to ensure your grasp of the intricacies of your structure. It should also be noted that although this description mentions “session 1,” we will create as many sessions as necessary in order to ensure you have a full grasp of your structure.
  2. The second session is nearly 2 hours long. In this session, Mark will painstakingly go through every aspect of the 60+page bylaws and minutes of each company and customize it for your needs. This includes required language for trading, crypto, passing on assets, and taxes. Mark will also help you set up your the first EIN with the IRS of your structure.
  3. The third session is information rich on the subject of compliance. Mark will show you how to successfully stay compliant with your filings, finances, banking, trading, asset conveyance, and he will show you how to sign and manage the distribution of your certificates of shares including the use of the transfer ledger. The bid difference between most companies and one set up by Mark is that your companies will be “squeaky clean” when it comes to compliance. And that can make the difference between success and failure under examination.
  4. The final session includes a comprehensive walk through of all things tax oriented. Following this section of the session either the creation of corporate credit or lawsuit-proofing companies are covered. Final questions or concerns are also tended to. At this point, assets should be conveyed, all EINs filed, bank accounts opened, and filings completed.
  5. All clients in this program also receive a lifetime membership in the Asset Protection 1% Discord group where over 100 former and current clients all ask and answer questions about their incorporation and tax issues. All clients also have direct access to Mark for business related questions.

    All clients may take ANY MASTERCLASS Mark offers on ANY SUBJECT for only $1 regardless of price or requirements. Clients also receive significant discounts off of other services listed on this website.

 Schedule & Fee

The program includes up to three entities (minimum C/S-corp and LLC). It can also include trusts as needed for additional fees. State fees and resident agent fees for corporate inception are separate and billed by the State to the Secretary of State and can range from $199 (WY) to over $1,350 (CA) per company. Multiple States can also be used. Fees for the customization of corporate kits can be found at

The fee for this service can vary depending upon the complexity of the client’s circumstance. However, regular discounts are offered as well as coupons from other purchases from the Financial Freedom Formula store. To move forward with this program, please schedule a free consultation with Mark here. However, please note the prices for these programs increases on November 5th, 2023. 

Members of Beast Mode trading groups and Legacy Ascending Affiliates receive discounts on all program fees.