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Mark has assisted me with more than one IRS issue. He understands how the system works and has gotten me a far more positive result than I ever would have on my own.

~ Johnson Pickett


The Benefit of DIY

Of course you can hire an attorney or a CPA or a financial planner to deal with your situation and asset protection. This would be what the law suggests you do. But these people are sworn to uphold the institution of law and its systems first, before they can truly assist you with your issues. No one tells you that, because they don’t want you to know. Jefferson said it best, “If this democracy is to endure the people must KNOW the law and be WELL-DISPOSED to use it. Else, tyranny will reign.”

For Mark and our team, we believe the most powerful response is an informed Citizen response to nearly every situation. Whether it is from the IRS, the SEC, the FBI or even your local business, a commercially honorable, non-confrontational response usually gets the situation moving in a more effective direction quickly. This also paves the road in good faith should the need arise for additional professional representation.

The letters below are a simple template which include detailed instructions on how to formulate a quick response (important) and get the negotiations between you and the agency responding to start moving in your favor. As an example, Mark and several others have used the CP-2501 response letter to turn millions of dollars in unnecessary tax liabilities into zero dollar results. Use these and do your own research. Use them at your own risk especially if you are not going to avail yourself of a consultation with Mark and the team. However, they have shown an over 90% positive response rate from the institutions to which they are responding on your behalf

Not Legal Advice

To be clear, Mark is not an attorney, a CPA, or a financial advisory under IRS or SEC guideliens. Mark is an advanced and experienced studier of the Uniform Commercial Code, Administrative Law and the Internal Revenue Code – especially as it pertains to corporate issues. If you are looking for actual financial, legal or accounting advice, you should seek those who have sworn an oath to protect the system FIRST, and you if your situation warrants it (those with CPA, ESQ, etc. after their name).

However, if you are looking for information on ways to create opportunities for yourself and your corporation which financial professionals are learning from Mark, please reach out for a free consultation so we can discover if you are the right fit for us.

Other Opportunities

If working with Mark is not something you feel comfortable with, we understand. Some folks feel more comfortable in the hands of a Bar and System supporting advocate of the State – in the form of an Attorney. The same holds true for Accountants and CPAs. Mark has a strong roster of trusted partners in all financial categories he can suggest you contact if this describes your feelings. Please reach out to us for more information so we can best suggest a solution and opportunity for you.


Available Letters:

Response to CP-2501. (Crypto Trading 1099-K misuse and unfair liability)

Did you get a letter from the IRS telling you that you have a massive tax liability from some strange company reporting to the IRS on a 1099-K? Did you trade Crypto that year? This letter is a strong response which has been getting those liabilities turned to zero. Please ONLY use this letter if you, in fact, received a 1099-K for that year and traded Crypto. If not, please reach out for a consultation.

Response to General Demand

Did you receive a demand letter from the IRS for a tax year which you believe seems wrong? Or even if you want an opportunity to negotiate your tax liability without having to hire an attorney? Use this letter to beging the process of calming the heated exchange between you and the IRS and get a resolution.

Need Extension (even beyond normal extensions) to File IRS Documents

Even if you have extended your filing deadline – everything is negotiable. Ask the IRS to give you another extension so you can have the time you need to get everything right (which will save them time). You also ask them to suspend any additional fees and interest. At the very least, they won’t try to levy your accounts or cease process of other tax years.

Response to CP 504 Letter (Intent to Levy Your Assets)

If you’ve received a CP 504 you must ACT QUICKLY. You are already in grave commercial dishonor and need to restore your commercial standing with ALL HASTE. Use this letter to stop the collections actions and get yourself a stay of proceedings in order to cool down the process and give you time to resolve the matter in your favor. This letter requires putting up a $500 bond. Don’t like the idea of putting up $500? We understand. But we find that putting forward a small amount as “insurance” greatly helps move things in your favor when the IRS lion is about to pounce on your assets.

Customized Responses

We will happily customize response per your situation if these do not quite fit your situation. Click here to schedule a free consultation with Mark to determine if our opportunites are a good fit for you.