• Azusa Pacific University, Bachelor of Arts (Magna Cum Laude)
  • Berkeley Psychic Institute
  • PAX Programs Leadership Training Program


Certified Mind Gym Coach

Enrolled Agent Candidate

really didn’t know how to solve my tax issues. But once I spoke with Mark, he had a creative solution which I couldn’t have thought of – and my attorney hadn’t mentioned.

~Doug Sherwin

About Mark Lewis

Presenter, Tax Whisperer, Metaversian

After over 20 years of working with the IRS and assisting corporations in improving asset protection and funding opportunities, Mark brings his unique knowledge and experience to motivated individuals who are looking to build generational wealth, handle festering IRS issues and create powerful corporate structures under the UCC and IRC.
Mark is also a facilitator for crypto tax issues and lectures regularly on the subject of preemptive actions corporations and individuals can take to reduce income and capital gain taxes. He lectures weekly on the subject of crypto taxation, incorporation and how to create funding for yourself from banks in his “The Finance Rebellion” series. He is an influencer in several fields including media production, personal development and market analysis.