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mindsifter.official.poster“Star Trek New Voyages: Mind-Sifter.”

This is Mark’s Star Trek directorial debut with a screenplay adapted from one of the most beloved Star Trek novels of all time.






omega-1“Omega 1” Comics and Motion ComicsThe amazing saga of heroine Omega 1 in a post hacker-war earth as she makes her way to discover her past, fight like hell, and learn what it is to be human. Comic books, motion comics, television show and more.



voice of the artsVoice of the Arts

The world famous independent recording and 5.1 dub mixing studio in Cypress, CA, this studio has one of the best sound and well tuned control rooms for recording and mastering anywhere. Run by Chuck Mitchell and Kenny Givens, you’ll not find better people to work with behind the console anywhere.




Don’t cross actress Alina Andrei as “Mad Maxine.” Hyper frustrated, under sexed and ever-angry, her office experience finds her beating the crap out of someone in every episode…sometimes just because she feels like it.


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