meta-vox“Mark breathes a breath of fresh air into our productions [as a director] and gets amazing performances from the actors”
James Cawley, Senior Executive Producer, Star Trek New Voyages


“Mark doesn’t mess around. He says it’s going to be done? It gets done. He says he can do it? He does.”
Alec Peters, Executive Producer, Star Trek: Axanar/Ares Studios.


“Who else would we hire?”
Lad Allen, Producer, Illustra Media


“We took the mix for ‘Omega 1’ [all post done by LEM Media Productions] and put it up against Dark Knight Rises in this million dollar surround install. We all pretty much agreed that ‘Omega 1’ sounded as good if not better than ‘Dark Knight…'”
Michael Lehmann Boddicker, Post Production Audio Producer, Record Producer, Sound Designer


“The movie had problems. I brought it to Mark, and the next thing I know, I’ve got a way better edit, and killer sound design, and a surround mix, and an original score…I was like, ‘Wait a minute! Why didn’t I know [you guys] earlier?! This movie rocks!”
Sven Kamm, Director, Two-time Emmy award winner


“Mark exceeds my expectations every time.”mark-&-kamm
Raoul Peter Mongilardi, Producer/Writer, RPM Productions


“Mark mans the ship with grace…when others would have gone berserk.”
Anna Giannotis, Script Supervisor


“Every time he brings me something [to work on] I’m blown away.”
Chuck Mitchell, Composer, Dub Mixer (Star Wars Ep 1,2)


“Our director backed out at the last minute, Mark stepped in with nearly no prep and kept the shooting schedule. I think it went better with him than with the other guy.”
Lionel Ball, Executive Producer


“No matter what happens, Mark keeps the mood of the set creative, fun and what’s best for the shot.”
Cat Caspar, Actress/Writer


“If it wasn’t for LEM Media Productions, I’d have wasted a lot of money.”
Michael May, Producer


“Mark knows what he wants, and he knows how to help us give it to him. He knows cameras, he knows actors. He’s a joy to work with.”
Danielle James, Actress


“Mark saved our movie.”
Glenn Rips, Producer


“[Mark] won’t have any trouble finding [his] way in this business.”mm-with-mark
Michael Madsen, Actor


“I said, ‘[Mark] does all that? How can one guy know that much?’”
Herbie Hancock, Recording Artist, Producer


“Mark is a Mensch…of the highest order.”
J.A.C. Redford, Composer


“You don’t worry about anything with him, it just gets done, and done well.”
H. Charles Riedl, Editor


“Mark’s [creativity] melted my heart.”
Kristen Chenoweth, Tony/Emmy Award Winning Actress/Performer


“I take their stuff to [A list Hollywood] and they’re always blown away and say the same thing: ‘who is this guy?’”kristin
Mark Mulan, Music Producer


“There’s nothing Mark can’t do.”
Dorothy Cline-Metz, Producer, Entertainment Tonight


“Mark’s commitment…sometimes [has him do] things that are for my [production’s] good and not for his.”
Alison Armstrong, Producer, Writer


“He may be the best kept secret in Hollywood…that’s not so secret anymore.”
Marc Zicree, Emmy Award Winning Writer/Producer

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