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5 Tricks The Professional Studios Use to Steal Your Audience

It takes more than just tons of money to have an audience like a film, and Hollywood knows this. Although big budget films certainly have more visual effects and higher clout talent attached to them, many of the unavoidable realities of why Hollywood movies are liked more than independent ones are found in the 5 […]

10 Things You’re Doing That Are Killing Your Film

So you’ve got a film that you want to make and you’re a little unclear on how audio works in a film? Below are ten common mistakes that independent (and big Hollywood) filmmakers make on a regular basis. If it feels like the tone of these are a little strong, please forgive me. I have […]

Mark Edward Lewis’ New Video White Papers on Post Production

Over 25 years in the business, Mark Edward Lewis has some know-how around post production (and production, but that’s another story). So, always trying to help, Mark has put together an ongoing series of “Video White Papers” on Post Production, audio, music, and Post Production Supervision for Directors, Producers, and creatives. Currently on episode 13, […]

Sol 7 Mix & Post 11.1 Demo Now Available in Stereo!

Sol 7 Mix & Post has been wowing everyone from industry moguls to Dolby and DTS with its new 11.1 surround sound demo featuring the latest films and projects completed by the Sol 7 Mix & Post team. Mixed by head engineer, Mark Edward Lewis, this 11.1 demo is now available in stereo and available […]

Mixing “Omega 1” in 11.1 DTS Surround.

After four episodes of the gripping motion comic for famed comic book series/television show-in development, “Omega 1,” Mark Edward Lewis and Sol 7 Mix & Post are remixing the acclaimed hour-long motion comic series into DTS 11.1 surround and headphone-X. Issue 4 is already being heralded as some of the best mixing and immersive surround […]

Mark Edward Lewis scoring “The Gauntlet”

Award winning composers Mark Edward Lewis and Evan Evans tackled the herculean task of scoring the horror/thriller epic, “The Gauntlet.” Set in the style of Hans Zimmer and Jerry Goldsmith, the musical stylings of this score pushed both composers to their limits as they had numerous hits and cuts to tend with while also dealing […]

Omega 1 Soundtrack Now Available!

Mark Edward Lewis Directed and Produced the critically acclaimed motion comic for the comic book series“Omega 1″ created by Alina Andrei and Mark. The series spans the first four issues of the comic and includes Hollywod-grade sound effects and Voice Overs. It is currently being mixed in 11.1 DTS surround at Sol 7 Mix & Post in Encino, CA to demonstrate the capabilities […]

75 New Library Music Tracks from Mark Edward Lewis

Venturing into unknown territory, composer, Mark Edward Lewis recently released over 75 library music tracks that defy the norm. A mixture of cosmic atmospheres with melancholy dreamscapes, these pieces of music are ideal for underscoring the brooding or complex emotional moods of dramatic scenes. In addition, many of these cues reflect the styles appropriate for horror, sci-fi […]

Flight Soundtrack Now Available!

The original soundtrack to the critically acclaimed documentary, “Flight: the Genius of Birds” by award winning filmmakers Lad Allen and Jerry Harned is now available at the and on the iTunes store! After over a year of production, this movie reveals the secrets that most don’t know about the nature of our avian neighbors including never […]

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