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Mark Completes Score and Audio Post for “King of Creation”

Long time friends and filmmakers Jerry Harned and Lad Allen brought Mark in to write music in a style they hired him for when he was 17 years old. “King of Creation,” the newest installment of inspirational filmmaking by the duo at Illustra Media, is a modern High Definition rendition of what made both this […]

Mark Edward Lewis mixes World of Warcraft promo for DTS/CES @ Sol 7.

This year at CES, attendees heard something they’ve never heard before: World of Warcraft in 11.1 surround – on headphones. Master re-recording engineer, Mark Edward Lewis, mixed a DTS 11.1 HeadPhone-X promo for World of Warcraft’s newest game update for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014. Mixed at Michael Lehmann Boddicker’s Sol 7 Recording & […]

Sol 7 Mix & Post 11.1 Demo Now Available in Stereo!

Sol 7 Mix & Post has been wowing everyone from industry moguls to Dolby and DTS with its new 11.1 surround sound demo featuring the latest films and projects completed by the Sol 7 Mix & Post team. Mixed by head engineer, Mark Edward Lewis, this 11.1 demo is now available in stereo and available […]

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