Star Trek: New Voyages’ “Mind-Sifter” Complete!

mindsifter.official.posterFollowing the fast-paced 11 day shoot schedule in June, 2014 for the 72 page script based on one of the most beloved #StarTrek short stories ever written, Executive Producer James Cawley and Star Trek: New Voyages release “Mind-Sifter.” Directed and edited by Mark Edward Lewis, this production has waited over 2 years to be completed.  This version, penned by Rick Chambers relies more heavily on the original published version of the short story including some extras which not only enhance the drama but also bring about many anticipated “meetings” and even redrafts several poignant Trek-lore axioms.

The cast, helmed by Brian Gross as Captain James Tiberius Kirk, has several returning members in the form of Brandon Stacy (Spock), Charles Root (Scotty), Patrick Cawley (Xon) and Wayne Johnson (Running Bear). But this episode sees a complete turnover of all other roles and brings new life into the production including Jeff Bond (McCoy) who’s brilliant representation of Deforest’s 23rd century doctor is heralded by all. Guest stars including Robert Withrow, Claye Sayre (both veterans of New Voyages) and Julliard trained wonder Rivkah Raven Wood as the beloved Dr. Jan Hamlin. Also returning are the visual effects wizards Pony Horton and Tobias Richter who have brought so many incredible fantasy worlds to life.

This release also heralds the cutting edge for any production released on Youtube in the form of both “vintage” and “modern” visual effects releases. The former effects being fashioned by Daren Dochterman (Star Trek TMP). Also, the modern effects version is available in 5.1 surround for those with the players and tech-savvy to know how to listen to youtube in that fashion.

Watch the modern visual effects version in stereo from this link:


Watch the modern visual effects version in 5.1 surround from this link:

Watch the “Retro Effects” version in stereo from this link: