Mark Edward Lewis to Direct Star Trek: New Voyages Next Episode

After the smashing success of Star Trek: New Voyages “Mind-Sifter” directed and edited by Mark Edward Lewis, the production has asked Lewis to return to direct their latest and very hush-hush episode. Mark is currently working his magic as post production supervisor for the series episode, “The Holiest Thing,” which will continue and be released before the episode to be helmed by him this July. Mark was instrumental in bringing his close friend Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica) to the production. Mr. Hatch has been cast as the episode’s antagonist. Look for Mark’s next installment of Star Trek: New Voyages toward the end of 2015.

In the mean time, Mark is busily supporting Mzed Productions “Sound Advice Tour” as Technical Director and directing and producing is own series entitled “Blade of Honor” starring Tim Russ (Star Trek: Voyager), James Kyson (Heroes) Anna Akana and many more.