Mark Edward Lewis to Direct “Blade of Honor.”

13 years in the making, Mark Edward Lewis will be directing and writing the initial episodes of the series “Blade of Honor” starring Tim Russ (Star Trek: Voyager), James Kyson (Heroes), Anna Akana, Jodie Bentley and Brandon Stacy (Star Trek: New Voyages). Lewis and his brother, John-Paul Lewis, developed the concept for the series as a movie of the week in 2002 and originally sought to cast Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3, Pain Killer Jane) in the lead role of the irreverent crack Star Blade pilot, Arina “Head Shot” Kartades, but due to her schedule and other production concerns, the project was resurrected months ago starring internet sensation Anna Akana in the role.

Extremely ambitious in his direction to bring quality sci-fi to the independent budget series, Lewis has spearheaded the thrust into the 2197 future with an all-star cast of above the line crew from the best that independent sci-fi productions can offer including “Star Trek: Renegades,” “Star Trek: Axanar,” “Fifth Passenger,” “Star Trek: Continues” and of course “Star Trek: New Voyages.” This who’s-who of sci-fi production has already shot principle photography on a promo that will fuel their fundraising efforts and spread the word far and wide of this exciting sci-fi project.

Deep in the inevitable future of the human race, the Alliance of human planets has created a galactic rule protected by a vast armada of space faring craft and their valiant crews. The best star fighter pilot in the fleet is one, ARINA KARTADES (Anna Akana). Following her exploits, we find ourselves on the most exotic and fantastic worlds of the human and local alien ALLIANCE [link to tech spec on page] and deepest darkest depths of the galaxy.