Mark Edward Lewis nominated for Best Editor at Shockfest, 2014

In a surprise announcement by the curators of the 2014 ShockFest taking place the weekend of January 10th & 11th, 2014 at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, CA, the Omega 1 Issue 4 motion comic, which is an official entry of the festival, has received two coveted nominations: Best Episodic Series Best Editor: Mark Edward Lewis.

The only film screening during the writer’s symposium at 5:00pm on Saturday the 11th, co-creators Alina Andrei and Mark Edward Lewis will be on hand answering questions about the adaptation of screenplays to comics to motion comics and how their franchise got off the ground. Along with other screenwriters who will be speaking about their screenplays that are nominated for best screenplay by the festival. This screening of the motion comic Omega 1, Issue 4 will not only be a World Premiere, it will also be the first time the film will be seen in 5.1 surround sound. Originally mixed in stereo, and then remixed into DTS 11.1 surround at Sol 7 Recording and Post, the downmix from 11.1 should be nothing less than stunning and immersive.

DO NOT DELAY in purchasing your tickets online ($5 off), because spaces in the symposium are limited as it is the last film block of the festival before the red carpet event.