Mark Edward Lewis Leading Audio Event @ B&H New York City.

On November 18th, 2015 at the prestigious B & H Photo & Video store in Manhattan, Mark Edward Lewis and Andres Acosta will be presenting “Sound Production In Sight.” This event is FREE, but seats are limited so register immediately.
Sound in media is the most overlooked and most important aspect of any production. Film schools teach little on the subject, and few masters reveal their secrets of how to create big-budget-Hollywood production immersion.

Now, for the first time at the renown B & H Event Space in New York City, master audio instructor and filmmaker Mark Edward Lewis, recently the main presenter for the “Sound Advice Tour,” brings his knowledge of production and post production audio techniques to you. If will be in the New York Area on November 18th, or know someone who could benefit from this limited engagement, you’ll experience:

•2 hours on Production Recording

•1 hour on Sound Effects

•1 hour on Foley/ADR

•1 hour on Mixing

•1 hour on dialogue cleanup

• and so much more!

This is a must-attend for any editor, producer, director or still photographer who wishes to get involved in the highly competitive market of multi-media. Mark will teach attendees the intricacies of Hollywood level recording techniques with affordable equipment from Røde Microphones, and Zoom recording devices and how to create massive production value using inexpensive Adobe software products in post production. Hands on and active participation always describes his courses, and this all day event will give attendees tricks, tips, skills and knowledge that most independent audio professionals don’t know.

Don’t let your production or video fall prey to mediocrity, attend the “Sound Production In Sight” workshop and gain the mandatory insight you need to create $50 million production value without increasing your budget.

One lucky participant will even win a pair of Mackie CRBT5 bookshelf monitors!

And another attendee will receive a year of Adobe Creative Cloud!

Register for the Free event here: