Consultation for Sound for Picture

Mark Edward Lewis, sound guru and the main presenter for Cinema Sound and Sound Advice is now doing private and group consultation for individuals, projects and organizations.

Mark consulting with media creatives in Dallas, TX.

Mark consulting with media creatives in Dallas, TX.

Whether you need help getting the Hollywood immersion for your movie, creating workflows for your corporate sound AV people to compete on the internet, or learning how to create the immersive Hollywood experience for yourself, Mark is now happy to arrive at your place of business, studio, or host at his own studio and insure you get maximum value for your multimedia needs.

An award winning filmmaker and Post Production Supervisor, Mark is also happy to assist with general issues in the post production process including workflows, visual effects integration, and general timeline workflows and final outputs.

Mark will be hosting symposiums in local Los Angeles at some of its finest studio for

Attend one of Mark's Sound Symposiums in Los Angeles

Attend one of Mark’s Sound Symposiums in Los Angeles

Cinema Sound members and the independent creative community at large in the near future. To be kept informed about his events, or to learn more about how you can have your projects jump to Hollywood-level audience impact, please contact his staff by clicking on this link.