Mark Edward Lewis mixes World of Warcraft promo for DTS/CES @ Sol 7.

This year at CES, attendees heard something they’ve never heard before: World of Warcraft in 11.1 surround – on headphones. Master re-recording engineer, Mark Edward Lewis, mixed a DTS 11.1 HeadPhone-X promo for World of Warcraft’s newest game update for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014. Mixed at Michael Lehmann Boddicker’s Sol 7 Recording & Post and produced by Lehmann Boddicker, the staff and production team at the DTS booth including executives from Blizzard, the developer of the game, were thrilled to hear what is usually a stereo game-audio experience (and rarely a 5.1 surround audio experience) turned into a high-resolution 11.1 mix in headphones.

Perfectly convoluted from DTS’ own studio reproductions, users at the DTS booth got to experience what millions in the gaming and television industry are about to experience in the coming months: true 3-D surround sound on any pair of headphones.
11.1 surround mixes include the standard Left, Center, Right, Middle Left/Right, Surround Left/Right and subwoofer orientation of 7.1 with the addition of a quadrophonic “height” element of 4 speakers. This is not the first 11.1 mix for Lewis as he’s mixed in 2013. Other titles include Omega 1 motion comics, Amy Hartman’s film which was the first film to be shot on RED Epic in Vietnam, award winning We Women Warriors and more – all mixed at Sol 7 Recording & Post and many additionally produced by Lehmann Boddicker.

Mark Edward Lewis nominated for Best Editor at Shockfest, 2014

In a surprise announcement by the curators of the 2014 ShockFest taking place the weekend of January 10th & 11th, 2014 at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, CA, the Omega 1 Issue 4 motion comic, which is an official entry of the festival, has received two coveted nominations: Best Episodic Series Best Editor: Mark Edward Lewis.

The only film screening during the writer’s symposium at 5:00pm on Saturday the 11th, co-creators Alina Andrei and Mark Edward Lewis will be on hand answering questions about the adaptation of screenplays to comics to motion comics and how their franchise got off the ground. Along with other screenwriters who will be speaking about their screenplays that are nominated for best screenplay by the festival. This screening of the motion comic Omega 1, Issue 4 will not only be a World Premiere, it will also be the first time the film will be seen in 5.1 surround sound. Originally mixed in stereo, and then remixed into DTS 11.1 surround at Sol 7 Recording and Post, the downmix from 11.1 should be nothing less than stunning and immersive.

DO NOT DELAY in purchasing your tickets online ($5 off), because spaces in the symposium are limited as it is the last film block of the festival before the red carpet event.

Mark Edward Lewis’ New Video White Papers on Post Production


Over 25 years in the business, Mark Edward Lewis has some know-how around post production (and production, but that’s another story). So, always trying to help, Mark has put together an ongoing series of “Video White Papers” on Post Production, audio, music, and Post Production Supervision for Directors, Producers, and creatives. Currently on episode 13, subjects include issues relating to managing post production workflows, integrating composers with directors, delivery schedules, ProTools troubleshooting, surround mixing secrets in 5.1, 7.1 and 11.1 and more.

This is a must-see resource for anyone working in post production or hiring people in post production.

Of course, Mark is always available for consulting on any of these matter in person and doing a presentation for a more in-depth discussion for solutions.

Click here to view the episode on “The Secrets of Mixing in 7.1 Surround.”


Sol 7 Mix & Post 11.1 Demo Now Available in Stereo!


Sol 7 Mix & Post has been wowing everyone from industry moguls to Dolby and DTS with its new 11.1 surround sound demo featuring the latest films and projects completed by the Sol 7 Mix & Post team. Mixed by head engineer, Mark Edward Lewis, this 11.1 demo is now available in stereo and available over the internet!
Click here to see and hear the latest and greatest of the Sol 7 production team.

LEM Media Productions created the visual and audio elements for the Sol 7 animated logo and, as most know, both companies share a close relationship working in harmony on each other’s projects as creative workflows require.

Mark Edward Lewis and Michael Lehmann Boddicker share a long history of creative cutting edge media for Hollywood, gaming and beyond.

Mixing “Omega 1” in 11.1 DTS Surround.

omegaink_final small

After four episodes of the gripping motion comic for famed comic book series/television show-in development, “Omega 1,” Mark Edward Lewis and Sol 7 Mix & Post are remixing the acclaimed hour-long motion comic series into DTS 11.1 surround and headphone-X. Issue 4 is already being heralded as some of the best mixing and immersive surround experience available, in 11.1 (7.1 down and quad speakers high) the experience is even more poignant.

Mixed by Mark Edward Lewis at Sol 7, Issue 3 will soon roll off the audio “press.” Soon, the ability to deliver the headphone-x technology will arrive via the internet. Until then, be sure to find Mark or Michael Lehmann Boddicker and demand your dose of Omega 1 in 11.1 on headphones. Oh, and be sure to bring your favorite pair of “cans.” Headphone-X works on any headphones…even the ones for your iPhone.

Mark Edward Lewis scoring “The Gauntlet”

Award winning composers Mark Edward Lewis and Evan Evans tackled the herculean task of scoring the horror/thriller epic, “The Gauntlet.” Set in the style of Hans Zimmer and Jerry Goldsmith, the musical stylings of this score pushed both composers to their limits as they had numerous hits and cuts to tend with while also dealing with an ensemble cast filled with human emotion and the supernatural. Along with other composers, Lewis’ son, Joseph David Spence also found music composed for the feature.

Look for “The Gauntlet” to thrill and chill on DVD/Blu-Ray and at festivals across the nation.

Hear a cue from one of Mark Edward Lewis’ cues here!

Omega 1 Soundtrack Now Available!

Mark Edward Lewis Directed and Produced the critically acclaimed motion comic for the comic book series“Omega 1″ created by Alina Andrei and Mark. The series spans the first four issues of the comic and includes Hollywod-grade sound effects and Voice Overs. It is currently being mixed in 11.1 DTS surround at Sol 7 Mix & Post in Encino, CA to demonstrate the capabilities of the new DTS format the studio itself.

However, as one might expect, Mark put a lot of incredible dramatic music into those motion comics. Over 57 minutes worth, to be precise. Leaning heavily on his orchestra-meets-dub-step talents, the score spans genres from trip hop to dub step to euro-pop all with a powerful and moving underscore.The score to all four issues is now available on both and on iTunes by searching for “Mark Edward Lewis.” Be sure to see the rest of Mark’s soundtracks by clicking here! Don’t miss the Omega 1 webpage which has everything from comic books to aluminum etchings to posters to the most technically specific and creative analysis of how World War III will transpire…as a hacker war.

Mark Edward Lewis Post Production Supervisor on Star Trek: Axanar!

Thanks to an introduction by Richard Hatch, Star Trek: Axanar Producer Alec Peters brought Mark and the team at LEM Media Productions and Sol 7 Post to handle the audio and editing for the feature. Mark will be heading up the creative and organizational aspects of post production as the Post Production Supervisor. He’ll also be at the helm of the editing process. Principle photography on the feature begins in late October in Los Angeles.  Mark will be on hand there to edit footage as-it-bears and support the production during photography in that manner.

Also, it appears that Mark and LEM Media Productions may also be in the captain’s chair of editing the latest Star Trek Phase II episode. More on that as Starfleet Command reports.

Audio Alchemy Now an E-book!

handbooksoloAfter years of research and creative writing, Mark Edward Lewis’“Audio Mixer’s Secret Handbook: Live Audio Alchemy” was released in January of 2013. The first in a series of 3 books that will include studio mixing and mixing with samples, this first book covers the intricacies and the non-intuitive skills that every live sound mixer should have to get the sound that they’ve always dreamed of.

Whether lay or pro, Lewis designed a handbook – not a book – in order to be a troubleshooting-guide-for-mixers. Covering nearly all the common and not-so-common ailments that mixers face, the book set up for the reader to be able to quickly reference solutions for problems in seconds. Short on theory and extra-long on practical fixes, Lewis also throws in his “cheats” to help the up-and-coming mixer get the biggest bang for the equipment they must use: from making bad gear sound great, to microphone placement, to proper use of gain structure and equalization-to-fix-problems.

Read more

75 New Library Music Tracks from Mark Edward Lewis

Mark Edward Lewis

Venturing into unknown territory, composer, Mark Edward Lewis recently released over 75 library music tracks that defy the norm. A mixture of cosmic atmospheres with melancholy dreamscapes, these pieces of music are ideal for underscoring the brooding or complex emotional moods of dramatic scenes.

In addition, many of these cues reflect the styles appropriate for horror, sci-fi or elation. Using a new proprietary technique developed anew by Lewis, these new tracks have a kind of emotional impact for a scene never heard before.

Listen to two different tracks that span a wide range of the moods in this new library named “Antidote for Osmosis.” The tracks are owned by Lewis and licensed by JinglePunksContact LEM Media Productions to begin placing them as temp in your editorial timeline and see if they don’t just stay there!

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