LEM MEDIA LOGOLEM Media Productions began in the studio of composer Mark Edward Lewis in 1995. After composing the musical score for Moody Institute of Science’ “Journeys to the Edge of Creation” movie series, he began delving into the world of sound design, Foley, and music mixing. He quickly began employing the services of some of the most notable creatives in Hollywood on his clients’ productions, and their cumulative work became understood as both that which saved productions and made them great.

LEM Media Productions was born out of a need for clients to have turn-key post production solutions that included the most cutting edge technologies used by the most creative and personable professionals. Many of the talented individuals that are brought in to complete post have mastery of multiple production and post production disciplines, and that cross-trained knowledge lends itself into large dividends for producers, directors and investors alike.

Unlike many post production facilities, LEM Media Production has no centralized expensive office space or highly paid staff. Although the company’s main studio facilities are well known pillars of their communities, LEM Media Productions contracts out all of its facilities and staff on a project-by-project basis. This allows the creative needs of each project to be addressed at the staff level not just at a corporate level. It also helps the ever growing creative team to be free to focus on one project instead of being forced to service several clients at once…at the expense of all their projects.

mixingLEM Media Productions has born the most difficult financial and transitional times that Hollywood has ever faced. While other major post houses are folding left and right, LEM Media Productions, because of its low overhead and dedicated clients, has brought affordable high production value media for nearly two decades, and it will continue to do so for decades more. Why? because no other post house can be as flexible and speedy to incorporate the most cutting edge technologies into client projects like DTS 11.1 dub mixing, Headphone-X, Neo-X, ProTools 11/AAX plugins/HDX, Dolby Atmos dubbing, online 4k editing, stereo-optic online editing with Pablo and Davinci systems and so much more.

We look forward to the new creative challenges that you would bring to us, but even more, we look forward to building relationships with clients who quickly and regularly become friends.

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