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Omega 1 Soundtrack Now Available!

Mark Edward Lewis Directed and Produced the critically acclaimed motion comic for the comic book series“Omega 1″ created by Alina Andrei and Mark. The series spans the first four issues of the comic and includes Hollywod-grade sound effects and Voice Overs. It is currently being mixed in 11.1 DTS surround at Sol 7 Mix & Post in Encino, CA to demonstrate the capabilities […]

Mark Edward Lewis Post Production Supervisor on Star Trek: Axanar!

Thanks to an introduction by Richard Hatch, Star Trek: Axanar Producer Alec Peters brought Mark and the team at LEM Media Productions and Sol 7 Post to handle the audio and editing for the feature. Mark will be heading up the creative and organizational aspects of post production as the Post Production Supervisor. He’ll also be at the helm […]

Audio Alchemy Now an E-book!

After years of research and creative writing, Mark Edward Lewis’“Audio Mixer’s Secret Handbook: Live Audio Alchemy” was released in January of 2013. The first in a series of 3 books that will include studio mixing and mixing with samples, this first book covers the intricacies and the non-intuitive skills that every live sound mixer should have to […]

75 New Library Music Tracks from Mark Edward Lewis

Venturing into unknown territory, composer, Mark Edward Lewis recently released over 75 library music tracks that defy the norm. A mixture of cosmic atmospheres with melancholy dreamscapes, these pieces of music are ideal for underscoring the brooding or complex emotional moods of dramatic scenes. In addition, many of these cues reflect the styles appropriate for horror, sci-fi […]

LEMMP Now Mixing in 11.1 with DTS Surround!

After an exciting meeting with surround sound audio giants DTS, LEM Media Productions, in conjunction with Sol 7 Post, is now able to offer its clients discreet 5.1-11.1 surround sound encoding on headphones. That’s right! With a staggering immersive experience, LEM Media Productions’ clients will have a state-of-the-art encoding process for their feature films, episodes, music, and […]

Flight Soundtrack Now Available!

The original soundtrack to the critically acclaimed documentary, “Flight: the Genius of Birds” by award winning filmmakers Lad Allen and Jerry Harned is now available at the and on the iTunes store! After over a year of production, this movie reveals the secrets that most don’t know about the nature of our avian neighbors including never […]

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