LEMMP Now Mixing in 11.1 with DTS Surround!

After an exciting meeting with surround sound audio giants DTS, LEM Media Productions, in conjunction with Sol 7 Post, is now able to offer its clients discreet 5.1-11.1 surround sound encoding on headphones. That’s right! With a staggering immersive experience, LEM Media Productions’ clients will have a state-of-the-art encoding process for their feature films, episodes, music, and games that defies belief!

Without any special hardware, no special headphones and a deep support from DTS, clients can now have exactly the full-spectrum surround experience they’ve dreamed of have the same kind of discreet audio imaging as if the speakers were really there.

Mark experienced this brand new technology that is sure to take the audio production world by storm in March at GDC:

“I took my headphones off expecting to have to make fun of them for leaving the speakers on [during the 7.1 surround-sound-on-headphones demonstration], but all I heard was silence. EVERYTHING was coming out of the headphones!”

What is 5.1 – 11.1 Surround Sound? In the industry standard 5.1 speaker array there are actually 6 speakers: 5 full-frequency spectrum speakers and one subwoofer or “Low Frequency Effects” speaker that only puts out the lowest of the low thumps and rumbles. Thus, a 5 + 1 (LFE) speaker array is called a 5.1. Anything after the “point” is another subwoofer/LFE. Arrangement of the speakers is typically Left, Center, Right, Left Surround, Right Surround.

7.1 adds two more speakers to the Left Side-Fill and Right Side-Fill and adds for even more excitement and spacial awareness. Thetrouble with these two methods is that the speakers are placed in a 2-dimentional field: they’re all at pretty much the same height.

11.1 Surround Array

Enter 11.1: the same 7.1 surround speakers, but add a “quadrophonic” array of speakers above the listener. In the form of “Left Height Front,” “Right Height Front,” “Left Height Surround” “Right Height Surround,” this addition of 4 audio channels brings an incredible amount of spacial immersion that isn’t possible with standard surround arrays…

…and imagine this completely available on headphones!

Mark has now mixed several productions in 11.1 at Sol 7 Mix & Post and the reviews are raving.

Get in touch with LEM Media Productions now to get on their schedule to bring this kind of incredible audio value to your productions at a price that is not possible anywhere else. In fact, the technology isn’t available anywhere else.