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Income Real Estate Structure Off Shore

I was able to stop a lawsuit completely because I used Mark's Lawsuit Proofing strategy. They walked away and took the insurance money as payment. It would have gotten ugly otherwise.

~Crystal Hodges

Protect and Empower your Generational Wealth

No matter how much money you earn, if someone can take it from you or if the IRS can tax it from your kin, you're fighting a losing battle. for the last 17 years, Mark has specialized in helping individuals and corporations create corporate structures which assist in:

  • the lessening of tax burdens
  • asset protection
  • handing down assets without tax or government interference
  • lawsuit proofing businesses
  • trading personal assets under corporate capital gains taxes
  • maximizing funding opportunities
  • creating corporate credit
  • understanding and implementing the Internal Revenue Code in your business
  • Staying compliant
  • Moving assets off-shore legally and profitably


Details of the Program

There are several programs to suit nearly every incorporation requirement. Opportunities are created by Mark and the team in a customized manner depending on the situation. Scheduling a free consultation with Mark help determine if your situation is the right fit for our opportunities. 

If so, we will schedule multiple zoom meetings with you and your partners and suggest a strong corporate structure with which to generate. We will guide you through every step of the process including the generation of customized bylaws, minutes, certificates of share and organization. We will also painstakingly assist you in understanding how to remain compliant. Finally, we should you how to understand and even file your OWN taxes if you wish.


Schedule & Fee

To move forward with this program please schedule a free consultation with Mark. Members of the DCG and Beast Mode trading groups and Legacy Ascending Affiliates receive discounts on all program fees.